Terms and Conditions
Updated July 2021
Our policy is to protect your rights and guarantee your satisfaction with the service(s) that we provided. It is not affected to your rights under Consumer Rights Act 2015.
To allow us to provide a quality service as efficiently as possible, you need to:
1. Ask for the service which you like to have.
2. Inform our staff if you are allergic to any chemicals or substances before receiving any services.
3. Whilst receiving any services please provide our staff with your feedback and/or comments on their services so our staff can satisfy your requirements straight away.
4. Inform the staff/salon manager immediately if you have any concerns relating to the salon, the staff or any services.
5. Inform the staff/salon manager immediately if you have any concern that you have any infection or any other abnormal reaction or condition with respect to your nails.
6. Children under 7 years old should be accompanied by an adult at all times. We will not take any responsibility if any accidents happen to your child/children during your treatment at our salon.
7. We hold no responsibility for the loss of your personal belongings while you are having the treatment at our salon.
8. No food or drinks should be consumed during your treatment.

Please remember, nails are jewels, not tools. Be kind to your nails and they will look beautiful for weeks after your service.
1. Traditional polish services are not guaranteed.
2.Enhancements and gel polish manicures are guaranteed for 48 hours after your appointment. If you lose an enhancement or notice chips or lighting within 48 hours, please call us to schedule a free repair.
3.You must arrange an appointment to have your nails fixed within 5 days after your initial service.
4. Repairs after 3 days or for breakages, tears and corner breaks will be charged.
5. We will not be responsible for any breaking or infected nails after you leave the salon.

No cash refunds will be given after you have left the salon. As soon as you have walked out the salon doors that means you have accepted and are happy with the service provided to your nails.
1. If you are not happy with your nails please make us aware of it before you pay.
We will adjust them to your satisfaction or remove any enhancements or coatings that have been applied.
2.No refund will be given because you have simply changed your mind.
3. We will correct any services at no cost to you provided that you tell us immediately after we have performed the service that you are unhappy with the quality of the work. If you are still not happy after we fixed your nails and request the refund, then you have to go through our Customer Complaint Procedure in writing to us, state the reason you are unsatisfied after we redid your nails and provide a photo of evidence of the nails that were fixed by us.
4. If a refund is accepted, it will be made by bank transfer within 30 days into your provided bank details.